A new generation in design.

Technological. Extravagant. Unforgettable.

For what?

To increase attendance
(people will come to see it).

Everyone will
constantly talk
about it.

You will have a cult place
for photo
and video shooting.

What is it?

SKY FOUNTAINS – is a luxurious, high-tech installation.

Consisting of a vast amount of moving elements,

it exists as a single entity.

Fascinating audiences with its technology and attracting

innumerable spectators.

For whom?

Sky Fountains

for Shopping Centers

Sky Fountains


Sky Fountains

for hotels

Sky Fountains

for museums

Unlimited possibilities.

Anything is possible.

Sky Fountains

uses a combination

of German mechanical engineering

and U.S. software design.


A new generation in design.

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